Why do Barcelona keep signing ageing players??

Selling Arthur Melo to Juventus in a swap deal for Miralem Pjanic makes no sense for Barcelona. Juventus are certainly having a better deal out of this. Arthur is 24 and has many years left in his career while Pjanic as good a player that he is currently in his 30s. Sure he might have a few years left in him. But swapping a player who could give you around 10 years for a player who will age your already ageing squad is mystifying. Barcelona has made some unusual signings lately.

Martin Braithwaite for 18 million: La Liga had to make an exception for Barcelona in order to sign Braithwaite in the middle of the season because of the injury crisis to Barcelona. But it seemed strange to buy a 30 years old striker who would have otherwise never made the squad for Barcelona.

Kevin-Prince Boateng: another unusual signing was getting Kevin-Prince Boateng on loan. He would have made much more sense if he was bought in his prime. But when he was in the decline of his career Barcelona opted to take him up on loan. Seems pretty strange. And it never worked out for them.

Paulinho: I would have never imagined Barcelona going for a Tottenham Hotspur flop player who is currently playing in the Chinese super league. Let alone spend 40 million on him. This transfer in a way did work out for one season. To be honest, Paulinho did play well for Barcelona. But again spending 40 million on a player who can give you only one season is strange at its best.

Let’s hope the Miralem Pjanic deal is a successful one for Barcelona and it makes Barcelona challenge for the champions league. Because right now if you take Lionel Messi out of this Barcelona team, it would be hard for Barcelona to get in the champions league, let alone win it.

And why are Juventus buying yet another midfielder is also a surprise to me. They cannot give game time to Adrien Rabiot, Emre Can have left for Borussia Dortmund due to the lack of game time at Juventus in order to make the Euros squad for Germany. Aaron Ramsey is another midfielder who barely gets a game and is on a massive salary of around 400000 euros per week. So unless Maurizio Sarri has a squad overhaul planned for next season. This transfer does not make any much sense for Juventus than it does for Barcelona. But I still think Juventus are getting the better deal out of this transfer if it happens.

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